The “staycation” is a concept that has grown in the UK in recent years. With all the exciting and beautiful places and attractions in the country, you can enjoy incredible holidays while supporting the UK economy. Not only that, but there are many incredible benefits to taking a trip closer to home. Here are just the biggest four.

You’re not too far away

It’s always exciting, setting off for your holidays. But the journey can be long and even complicated, what with airports, ferry ports and transfers. It can be tricky to keep children entertained for such a long duration, and often impossible to take pets. With the staycation, you are never too far away, meaning quick travel to and from your break, and no-hassle should you need to make an early return.

You’ll save money

Alongside the reduced travel time, you will also enjoy reduced travel cost. Without planes, ferries, taxis and transfers, you simply fill your car with gas and get on your way. It also means you have your own transport on hand for day trips, avoiding the need to pay out for public transport systems. You can also save by bringing your own drinks and snacks, without paying over-inflated prices.

You can use the local currency

All holidays require spending money, whether you’re home or abroad. But there are perks of being able to use your local currency. It’s easier to set a budget, as you already know the standard cost of attractions and meals out. You are also more aware of the going rate for goods, helping you spot bargains ahead of purchase, in the knowledge you aren’t being overcharged.

There’s no language barrier

Holidays abroad are a fantastic insight into new cultures, and using a phrasebook to converse is fun and educational. But if you don’t have the confidence, it can seem daunting too. Holidaying in your home country takes away the language barrier, making it easy to communicate with those you encounter. Be it ordering food and drink or asking for directions, you have the comfort of knowing you’ll be understood. It also means children are able to express themselves and make new friends.

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